Prison Break – Season 3, Episode 3 – Call Waiting

All last year I complained about how silly this show was and in many cases that it was frankly boring.  And then after a couple of bad episodes just as I would be about to drop the show, there would be a good episode or 2 and my countdown would restart.

Well I’m done complaining.  The show has captured my interest again.  Given the let down the big conspiracy from the last 2 years was, I’m not confident that the current one involving Whistler is going to be that much better.  Do I really care why they want to find where Whistler took someone in a fishing boat?  That being said, I don’t think I care.

The new prison dynamic has revitalized the show.  We always knew Michael was smart but in the first season or two it was hard to tell how much of his brains was wrapped in his tattoo clues.  This season we get to see if he can really break out of prison and as a lover of “locked room” mysteries and the likely situation of “when” not “if”, I’m excited to find out the “how”.  The addition of the Lachero as the king of the prison running his businesses both inside and outside is a more than worthy addition.  T-Bag is up to his old tricks sowing seeds of dissent in Lachero’s organization.  I won’t be surprised if he ends up running the place by the end.  Mahone hasn’t had much to do yet but he’s too good an actor and character to just leave skulking in the shadows.  Finally, poor, poor Bellick – my mother always said that bullies get their due and is karma ever kicking him in the ass.  Personally, I’m hoping they leave them in prison for a good long while.

So, what’s in the box that The Company sent to Linc at the end?  Has to be Sara’s head or another body part right.  After showing us pictures and hearing her speak but knowing the actress is no longer with the show – killing her off should be appropriate revenge for Linc’s rescue attempt.  On the other hand, while it might make sense logically with the reality of the behind the scenes situation, it won’t exactly be as strong a motivation for Michael to act.

I’m back “in like” with this show.

Avi’s Episode Rating: A-


One Response to Prison Break – Season 3, Episode 3 – Call Waiting

  1. Ginny says:

    I belive that sara is not really dead just that she is pregnant and will return to the show after its the beinging of season 4.

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