The Office – Season 4, Episode 2 – Dunder Mifflin Infinity

Pam still looks great, Ryan still started the fire and this show continues to be the anchor of my Thursday night viewing. The show starts with Toby exposing Pam and Jim (not quite the way he intended).  Toby was great this week and how much did you hate Ryan – even more than before (but in a good way).

If you didn’t see, our favourite Dunder Mifflin couples were on the cover of this week’s Entertainment Weekly.  3 covers in all.


Without further ado, here’s what I learned from this week’s The Office:

  • Garbage doesn’t trump Sprinkles
  • A twinkle in the eye can say 1000 words
  • A Blackberry can be stupid and pointless but necessary corporate wide
  • Don’t base which salesperson a client get assigned to on who you sleep with in a given week
  • I think I look as stupid as Ryan when I’m on my Blackberry.  D’oh!!!
  • Fake pregnancies always get you a date.
  • It’s hard to believe but older people have as many rights as younger people.
  • New ideas = ageism.  I run an innovation team.  Boy, am I screwed.
  • The Big piano scene is usable in many, many, offsite and meeting contexts.
  • Teaching an old dog new tricks will get you thrown in jail.
  • Is there anything more heartbreaking than a toothbrush left on a tire.
  • The original IMs are way yummier than the new ones.
  • Fat and salt are the key to showing clients they’re appreciated.  Although gift baskets of cash are a close second.
  • Sometimes you just have to ride the bull.
  • There’s nothing worse than having to take a dent out of a car where you hit someone.
  • You can sign up for awesome lessons where you will learn how to smell like Pierce Brosnon
  • It’s hard to make a U-turn when you’re underwater.
  • You can’t trust technology, especially computers that try and murder you.

It was amazing how many buzzwords Ryan used in his discussion of change at The Office.  You got to love business school.  Aside from the humor, the whole old vs. new/tradition vs. change discussions this week reinforced by the GPS vs. lake battle was actually a good piece of commentary.

This week was better than last week’s but did seem to drag a little.  I could have done without Michael’s meltdown when he returned to take back the gift basket.  I definitely laughed and the show had all the little touches that it does so well.  Finally, great commercial for Dunder Mifflin at the end.  I think I’m going to apply for my own franchise.

Avi’s Episode Rating: A-

5 Responses to The Office – Season 4, Episode 2 – Dunder Mifflin Infinity

  1. lisamm says:

    Great summary! Thanks!

  2. It was a good episode, though I was surprised that Garbage the cat failed to win Angela over. He was twisting his body around to look at her upside down, which I personally found appealing. Then Dwight tossed him into where? Was that someone’s office?

  3. Hi,
    The applications for branch manager are closed – but it’s a bust anyway. NBC really screwed the whole concept up! Half the site is “coming soon.” I signed up first day and didn’t get a branch— most of the people who signed up used asdfasdfa
    or a variation as a login.
    Check it out – it sucks.

  4. The office is great… my favorite comedy show for sure!

  5. Person says:

    I love this show, 30 rock and Saturday Night Live! Go NBC!

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