Grey’s Anatomy – Season 4, Episode 3 – Let the Truth Sting

My wife was very excited to see the old guy, who’s been part of so many lunch eating scenes, wake up.  She was even happier to find out that he knew everyone and all of their issues.  Unfortunately, he won’t be joining them for any more meals.  He was a man who wanted to die and by the end of the episode he got his wish.  But not until after he told Izzy that there was no way George was leaving Callie and I think she’s starting to realize that she’s the other woman and that she’s on her own.  With George confessing at the end of the show hopefully we’re getting closer to wrapping this misguided storyline up once and for all.

I’m pleased to say that this was another good episode of Grey’s Anatomy.  Just like Prison Break which has made a comeback on my viewing schedule after a terrible season last year, so too has Grey’s.

No surprise but the best character on the show continues to be Dr. Bailey.  She’s not only the moral centre of the show but the one person who is actually a full fledged grown up.  Whether it’s telling off Meridith and Alex or explaining why she’s going to be the best damn number 2 in the hospital, she steals every scene she is in.

I’d also like to take this opportunity to welcome the always great Edward Herrmann as the hospital’s oldest intern.  It was kind of nice to see everyone treating him with kid gloves because he could be their grandfather even to the detriment of the patients.  Even Alex seemed like a different kind of character, almost reverential, around him.  Fortunately by the end of the episode Alex was back to normal, exposing George to the interns who didn’t realize he was so good because he had already been an intern.  I almost felt bad for George.

I want to reiterate my approval from past weeks of the banter between McDreamy and McSteamy.  In a show with so many women, it’s good to have a strong guy relationship take some of the stage.  I also continue to find Meridith much less annoying.  It could be because we’re getting her in smaller doses and the scenes where she does appear are buffered by Christina (loved the crocodile tears to get more surgeries) and her sister who she may be starting to build a relationship with.

Definitely a step up from last year’s depressing season and I hope it continues.
Avi’s Episode Rating:  B+

5 Responses to Grey’s Anatomy – Season 4, Episode 3 – Let the Truth Sting

  1. Vance says:

    Yeah, I like that McSteamy and McDreamy are talking and having a nice bond again. Plus this week with Chief in the loop as well, it was nice to see.

    Totally a much better episode than all of last year.

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