How I Met Your Mother – Season 3, Episode 4 – Little Boys

I didn’t love last week but this week the show was back in fine form.  More and more I see the comparisons in tone to Friends in its prime and am truly mystified why this show isn’t as huge a hit.

The show started great with a fun group scene discussing the “but” related to the blind fix-up and highlighted one of the real truisms in life – we all have a “but”, although in this case it focused on Robin’s issues.  I’m still amazed what this show gets away with at 8:00, on CBS of all networks, with one of the best uses of the “shotgun” call ever.  I’m still laughing.

For Robin the “but” with her fix-up was that her date has a son and as we fans know, Robin never wants to have kids.  In her own words she preferred to be the cougar chasing the son later in life than meet him as a little kid.  She also didn’t seem to realize that getting full custody is a win.  As much as it was entertaining watching Robin make friends with a kid, try to break up with a kid and ultimately get dumped by a kid, the best part was the flash forward conclusion.  There isn’t another show that so deftly balances the humour with the “warm and fuzzy” moments and this week’s look at Aunt Robin’s ultimate success with Ted’s kids did so successfully.

The parallel story had Ted and Barney competing for who has the best “game” with Marshall excluded because he won the woman’s league version of the dating game by getting married.  The competition to get the girl started feeling a little too familiar but definitely had some good twists.  Barney pretending that he had slept with her and using the image of him as Sir Edmund Hilary with Ted as the second guy up Everest was pure genius.  Ted was so freaked about going where Barney has been that he ultimately had to dump her leaving her wide open for Barney could move in.  Unfortunately for Barney she wanted to take it slow leaving him with her mean Reggae skills, a dancing Ted and a bet that neither of them won.

Avi’s Episode Rating: B+


4 Responses to How I Met Your Mother – Season 3, Episode 4 – Little Boys

  1. Vance says:

    OMG I forgot to talk about the full custody thing. that was brilliant! and how could I forget the Reggae? (man. my recaps are bad).

  2. I think the reason this show isn’t a huge hit is because of Neil Patrick Harris. At least, that would be my guess, because he’s the reason I don’t watch it. And it’s not just me; I don’t know anyone who likes him as an actor. What happens to me is, I get this mental block and forget he’s on the show. I stumble upon it while surfing around, start watching it, really like the rest of the cast ( especially Alyson Hannigan ) and then NPH will come onscreen and I’m immediately put off and continue surfing.

    This post, however, has made me question my judgement. Why am I letting NPH ruin this show for me? Have I been too harsh a critic? Note To Self: Watch a full episode of How I Met Your Mother and reevaluate feelings for NPH.

  3. I Think I Know Why says:

    Perhaps you dont like him because he is in fact homosexual, and you are homophobic? Because there’s simply NO reason not to like him as an actor. He’s brilliant.

  4. hollywood gossip…

    […]How I Met Your Mother – Season 3, Episode 4 – Little Boys « Avi’s TV Ramblings[…]…

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