Boston Legal – Season 3, Episode 10 – The Nutcrackers

December 12, 2006

A week ago I was going to drop Boston Legal from my viewing schedule.  I decided to give it one more chance before I made a decision and although I’m still not sure I’m in for the long hall, I’m giving it two more episodes when it returns in January.

Let’s start with the good.  I think this was the first case we got to see James Spader try this year without his appendage, Espenson.  I did enjoy seeing him deal with clients who he truly despises although I’m not sure why Shirley thought he would lose.  No court is going to break up a family for teaching hatred, even if they are white supremacists.  Still, good to have him back and alone.  I also liked seeing Denny Crane trying the case with the anorexic girl seeking emancipation from her mother.  I appreciated how it continued to further his relationship with Spader as he stepped in behind Denny’s back to bring the case to conclusion.

Now the bad.  I think the rivalry between Brad and Kohoe just isn’t interesting, isn’t compelling and needs to stop.  It’s undermining both their characters.  And finally, did Espenson really need to be in the show.

Bottom line is this show is still on life support with me.  It is the front runner in my 2006 wrap up for the show I still watch purely out of habit rather than enjoyment but for now it gets another week.

Avi’s Episode Rating: B

Boston Legal – Season 3, Episodes 8 & 9

December 7, 2006

I finally watched the 2 parter of Boston Legal that was on last week and unless last night’s episode was the best damn hour of TV I’ve seen this week I think I’m dropping this one.

As I’ve been thinking of my year in review section I’m working on I decided that I would have a category called: The Show I Watch Most Out of Habit.  Well folks, I think we have a winner.  I like James Spader as much as the next person but I can’t see why every woman on the show seems to fall for him.  I’ve mentioned before my hate of the Jerry Espenson character and I fast forward every scene he’s in, which is becoming a greater percentage of each episode since he seems to be in every one now.  Lincoln Meyer was quirky and entertaining for an episode or 2 as a witness/ suspect in the murder trial but did he really need to kidnap Shirley.  William Shatner continues to steal every scene he’s in but it’s become way too repetitive.  Throw in Delta Burke tackling people and we’ve crossed a line beyond even farce.

I thought the show was actually on the upswing with the addition of the Jeffrey Coho and Claire characters who gave some balance to the idiocy and over the top ridiculousness of the existing cast.  The problem is that they seem to have largely faded into the background the past weeks in favour of lesser characters like Espenson.

My guess is that last night’s episode won’t redeem the show for me but I’ll watch and let you know.

Avi’s Episode Ratings: C

Boston Legal – Season 3, Episode 7 – TV Review

November 3, 2006

This show is pure fluff.  I’m entertained while watching it but barely remember what happened after it’s over.  I’ve enjoyed the new additions to the cast and have gotten used to the over the top antics.  I can even deal with the reused Practice storylines like this week’s lawsuit for defamation after a criminal trial and the ridiculous notion that they win every single case no matter how unwinnable.   But here’s what I can’t deal with anymore.  Two words.  Jerry Espenson.  This idiot character who gets into new trouble every week and turns to Alan Shore to get him out of it is annoying, not quirky.  The whole hour I hoped that maybe this time he’ll get thrown in jail and we won’t ever have to see him again but sure enough, Alan won the unwinnable case and from the preview next week he’s back.

I’m still going to watch next week but I plan to fast forward every scene he is in.  So it should be a short episode next week.

Avi’s TV Review: B- (dropped to a C because of Jerry)

TV News & Stories from the Web

October 25, 2006

Welcome to a new section of my blog where I highlight tv stories and news articles from across the Web.

  • TV Gal Looks for the Funny – In an earlier posting I highlighted my love of TVGal who writes a weekly column on Zap2It and expressed my dismay at being out of sync with her. This week she rips into The Class echoing many of my complaints with the show (TVGal just stop watching and you’ll feel better), shows some love for The Office and this week’s Jim/ Pam conversation (me too, me too) and just has a good time with Boston Legal (I generally agree but wish they’d stop bringing back the annoying and unfunny Espenson character). It’s good to have you back TV Gal.
  • 24’s Season 6 Trailer – I’m not shy about expressing my surprise at the strong positive critical reaction to season 5 of 24 given my disappointment with the repetitive formula and increasingly ridiculous delays used to stall the show through 24 episodes. Still for those of you who can’t wait, here’s the link.
  • The Shield spinning off Dutch? – I am a huge Shield fan. It’s one of the few shows that after 5 seasons is as compelling if not more so than it was when it started. Last season easily ranked as one of the top 5 shows of last season. I also love the Dutch character. Still, I don’t think he can carry a show himself so hopefully this is just a bad rumor.
  • Sleeper Cell 2 on Demand Before it Airs – I don’t really care too much about the story specifics. What this article reminded me is that season 2 of Sleeper Cell is going to be on soon. If you didn’t watch season 1, run and rent it or buy it. It’s fantastic.

Boston Legal – Season 3, Episode 2

September 29, 2006

My review of this show last week was really harsh.  It had all the excesses that I hate in a David Kelley show.  This week was much, much better.  Parker Posey’s ridiculous character is gone and replaced by 2 new ones that I actually liked.  Craig Bierko’s Jeffrey Coho is a great character who is just crazy enough to fit in well with this cast but isn’t so over the top that I want him to disappear from screen.   It doesn’t hurt that he actually has an interesting murder case as well, defending the young clerk who is charged with the murder of a judge who was also his lover.

I also like Constance Zimmer’s character, although for me she’ll always be Dana Gordon on Entourage.  Her defense of a fired transvestite (played by Stevie’s father from Malcolm in the Middle) was handled with toughness and compassion.  My only hope is that they don’t have her falling in love with Alan Shore.

I’m actually looking forward to next week’s episode and for now it’s back on my list.

Avi’s Episode Rating: B+

Boston Legal – Season 3, Episode 1

September 22, 2006

I know this show has always been over the top but I’ve put up with it because I like Shatner, Spader, Julie Bowen, etc. I also really like seeing Michael J Fox on screen. He really makes his presence known in every scene he is in. That being said, I think this week was the final straw. The return of Hands and some stupid story about his love for a life-like doll and a sex surrogate just held no interest for me. The same holds true for Spader’s relationship with the crazy partner.

I’m not yet ready to cut it completely off my schedule but as long as this show remains more Ally McBeal than Picket Fences or The Practice (in its good years) this show will always be recorded and watched when I find the time. It just isn’t must see viewing.

Avi’s Rating: C