Dirty Sexy Money – Season 1, Episode 1 – Pilot

September 28, 2007

Now this show is fun. It’s everything I might have thought Gossip Girl or Private Practice would be but isn’t. Sure it’s silly, frivolous and over the top but it has a great cast and made me laugh many, many times.

The premise is pretty simple: Moral lawyer’s father dies and he takes over his father’s job as family attorney to the wealthy Darlings all of whom have secrets and messes that he needs to clean-up. Oh yeah, and his father may have been murdered. And so begins what could be a great nighttime soap.

I’m a huge Peter Krause fan and as Nick George he makes a great straight man to the family of Darling crazies. No question he was great on Six Feet Under, despite getting increasingly unlikable in the show’s last couple of seasons, but his character here is much closer to the good, moral but at times flawed family man Casey McCall on Sports Night. It was enjoyable watching his changing expressions as he dealt with family crisis after crisis. Even the voiceover doesn’t bother me too much.
Unlike Private Practice which has a great cast but no chemistry and frankly little to no personality, Dirty Sexy Money knows how to use its talent to perfect effect. From Donald Sutherland as the patriarch of the family who seems stable but has an underlying menacing vibe to him to Jill Clayburgh is the matriarch who had an affair with Nick’s father to Billy Baldwin as the politician with a secret to the scariest Reverend with 2 families on TV. Watching the Darling family interact with each other as they fall immediately into a dependence on Nick is a pleasure to watch.

It truly is the little touches that show how carefully the show has been crafted. The individual ringtones for each member were classic. The horse as the anniversary present and Tripp’s response to seeing it. Ethan Hawke’s yacht filled with illegal aliens. Karen’s visit with Nick in his office. The “I hate you”s from the Reverend. Samaire Armstrong’s play. Each scene not only told you a little about the characters involved but also set up the premise.

I’m a little on the fence about the “who killed Nick’s father” mystery. I’m not sure whether in a show that already seems so rich in storylines (pun intended) requires the extra level of story. At this point I’m not going to judge, I’m just going to watch and enjoy the ride.

Avi’s Episode Rating: A-