Moonlight – Season 1, Episode 1 – No Such Thing as Vampires

October 1, 2007

Take the premise of Angel and strip out the charisma, mythology and strong supporting characters then add in some hokey voiceover filled with cliches and you’re getting close to Moonlight. The lead actor Alex O’Loughlin demonstrates limited personality as he smells the air for blood and flirts with a reporter for an online magazine. Unlike on The Shield where he was surrounded by a Strike Team of amazing actors and given great dialogue, here he’s hung out to dry. Even Jason Dohring, so perfect on Veronica Mars as the bad boy with a heart, seems to merely be reciting words as he yells into phones and talks about hiding the existence of vampires.

The mystery of the week is almost completely forgettable – something to do with the death of a student, her professor teaching a class on vampires who sleeps with his students and a TA who unsurprisingly was the killer. The show tries to create mythology by making the reporter a girl he rescued years earlier from the vampire who turned him but all I’m thinking is “who cares”.

Maybe I shouldn’t expect anything from the network that brings us procedurals and bad sitcoms (except How I Met Your Mother), cancels shows like Smith and Jericho (at least initially) and pairs this with Ghost Whisperer but even with the bar set so low this show can’t get over it. I’m going to give it one more week just to see if it can move beyond a reshot and recast pilot and turn into anything semi-interesting. At this point I’m not hopeful.

Avi’s Episode Rating: D