NBC Renews 30 Rock for a Full Season while CBS Cancels 3 LBS

December 2, 2006

NBC announced today that 30 Rock is getting a full season after it got the best ratings as part of the new Thursday Must See TV comedy block. I found the first couple of episodes to be okay but not good or great. Since then the show has definitely grown on me and I’m happy to see it get a full season. The Earl-Office-Scrubs-30 Rock block may be the best Thursday night comedy lineup ever and despite going against the powerhouse Grey’s Anatomy and CSI is my first choice on Thursdays.

CBS has at the same time canceled 3 LBS after only 3 airings. That’s 2 more episodes then I lasted watching it so no loss in my opinion. I just hope Stanley Tucci finds a show more deserving of his considerable talents – maybe something on HBO, Showtime or FX.

3 LBS – Season 1, Episode 1

November 16, 2006

I’m getting much less tolerant in my old age. I used to give most new shows at least 3 episodes to decide if it was worth my time. With so many shows that I like and a growing queue of TV on DVD to watch, one episode was enough to tell me that this show isn’t worth my time. I like Stanley Tucci and have been a fan since his brilliant work on Murder One and he’s pretty good on the show. The problem is the dialogue is terrible: “I can’t cut into someone’s brain until I cut into their soul”. Yeah, that’s pretty much a direct quote. The characters are at this point cliched for TV – the tortured, cold, brilliant doctor. The formula is also likely to follow the brain surgery patient of the week like all procedurals.

Don’t just believe me, here’s a link to a bunch of reviews aggregated at Aint it Cool News that concur with my opinion.

Here’s the other reason why I’m not giving this show a bit more of a chance. CBS cancelled the innovative Smith in favour of this formulaic 3 LBS thereby keeping the network’s strategy of “if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it” as it becomes the all procedural network. I do take pleasure in the show having ratings down 8.33% in households and 17.14% in adults 18-49 from where Smith was. Take that CBS.

Avi’s Episode Rating: C+