Big Day – Episode 1 & 2

December 7, 2006

I’ve written before how I like to give as many new shows as possible a chance to get on my regular viewing list. There was a time when I used to give all shows at least 3 episodes. However, as I’ve become busier and my TV schedule become more full, I’m a lot less patient giving some shows only one episode to impress me.

This brings me to Big Day. Because it’s only 1/2 hour I watched the first 2 episodes yesterday and that was more than enough to indicate to me that this show is a stinker. At first blush the concept is an interesting one following in 24-like fashion a couple’s wedding day. But if you sit and think about it for a minute you’ll realize that the only way to maintain a show like this for a full season is to have contrived situation after contrived situation. For me 24 falls into this pattern usually by the 8th or 9th episode (which is around when Jack is about to close in on the bad guy but he escapes out the back door after killing many no-named CTU agents and maybe one named one). For Big Day, it didn’t even take one episode.

Just look at the characters: the mother who wants the wedding to be her wedding, the father who thinks his future son-in-law is a loser, the slutty sister who sleeps with the jerky best man (who kept distracting me because he looks so much like David Boreanaz), the best friend who is gay and harbours a crush on the groom, the father of the groom who is a wandering eccentric, the incompetent wedding planner, the groom who wants to walk down the aisle to the What’s Happening theme song and the bride who loses it at least once an episode on her mother or groom but remembers it’s her wedding day and feels much better.

As if the cliched characters weren’t enough there are the situations that range from ridiculous to boring: a fight over what salad to serve, a competing wedding a town over, an erased seating chart, an orgasmic foot rub, a father who doesn’t want to wear a tux, a photographer who gets hit by a car, the sister who swallows the best man’s contact lenses so he’s blind for the day, blah, blah, blah. Not even worth going on about.

Bottom line – this show isn’t worth your time so be happy I watched it so you don’t have to.

Avi’s Episodes Rating: C-