Cancelled: Black Donnellys, The Wedding Bells, Six Degrees and 7th Heaven

April 4, 2007

Variety reports on a whole raft of cancellations.  Now normally when shows are cancelled I like to opine on how they have been taken before their time and how if only the networks supported them they would still be on the show.

Not in this case.

Black Donnellys – boring.

The Wedding Bells – painful from the first minute. 

Six Degrees – I wrote this one off long before it went off the air the first time. 

7th Heaven – Up yours CW.  I’m glad this tanked for you after you chose this over the incredible Everwood.

The only bad thing I have to say about Black Donnelys, Wedding Bells, Six Degrees and 7th Heaven being cancelled is that since I didn’t watch any of them I don’t gain any extra viewing time in my schedule.

Six Degrees Back on the Air

February 25, 2007

I guess I was wrong.  When ABC took Six Degrees off the air back on November I was sure it would never return.  I know ABC said it was only on hiatus but so often that’s code for “cancelled but we don’t want to tell you yet”.  Yet, starting March 23rd (yes, that’s a Friday) Six Degrees is going to be back on the air.

Personally I wasn’t such a huge fan.  I liked the cast but found the stories kind of boring and the premise way more about coincidence than fate and connectedness.  I dropped the show after about 3 episodes.
Still don’t get too excited Six Degrees fans.  This doesn’t mean it’s going to run any longer than the additional 7 episodes left in its 13 episode order but still, enjoy it while you have it.

ABC Provides an Update on “Cancelled” Day Break, The Nine and Six Degrees

January 15, 2007

Zap2It reported that the remaining Day Break episodes will be up at ABC.Com by end of February to bring that storyline to conclusion. The Nine and Six Degrees will supposedly return on the air before the end of the year. Six Degrees is still expected to be retooled but neither show will get more than 13 episodes.  For fans of The Nine this means don’t expect resolution on what happened in the bank since no new episodes will be shot.

This may give a sense of hope to fans of these shows so that they can continue to sign petitions and deny in comments on blogs like mine that the shows have been cancelled.  I appreciate the passion they have for their shows but for my 2 cents when both Six Degrees and The Nine do air it will likely be Saturday night and the chances of either getting renewed for next season are less than zero.

TV News: Studio 60 and Men With Trees Picked Up, Six Degrees Almost Cancelled, Jericho Takes a Break and Smith Stream Online

November 10, 2006

It seems like it’s coming down to the wire but lots of news about full season pick ups, hiatuses and Lost-like scheduling.

  •  Studio 60 gets a full season – I haven’t been shy in my criticism of the show but there’s a lot of potential so I’m glad it’s being given the chance to get better.
  • Men with Trees Gets a Full Season but it’s in Six Degrees’ time slot – I don’t watch either of these shows.  I tried them both but neither resonated with me.  I thought Six Degrees had potential but after a few viewings it didn’t look like it was going to live up to its interesting premise.  I’ll be shocked if its hiatus doesn’t really mean that Six Degrees is cancelled.
  • Jericho is going to split its season to run uninterrupted – Jericho’s fall season will end November 29th and the show will return for a winter season February 21.  I like this format for shows like Jericho and Lost.  It lets the show keep momentum by keeping you intersted week to week.  If you care (I don’t) King of Queens will air in Jericho’s time slot.
  • Unaired Smith episodes are going to stream online at – I really liked this show and was disappointed when Smith was cancelled.  From my original posting it was clear that lots of people agreed.  You’ll have the chance to see for yourself the direction the show was headed when they put all 7 episodes and a synopsis of where the show was going on

Fall Season 2006 – How it’s Going So Far

October 30, 2006

In September I launched this blog looking ahead to a season that was ripe with promise.  Lots of new, interesting and diverse shows that catered to the TV snob in me who hates procedurals with their “fill in the blank” of the week premises and favours complex serial shows that require a weekly committment.

So here we are 6 weeks into the new season and it’s been a bit of a mixed bag using this moment as a checkpoint. 

Let’s start with the Good.  Two of my favourite shows on the air right now started this season – Heroes and Friday Night Lights.  Unfortunately at this time only Heroes has been given a full season while Friday Night Lights struggles.  Hopefully the order for extra scripts means NBC is going to give it a chance to grow.  Brothers & Sisters is also starting to grow on me after a pretty rocky start.  If you are not watching any of these shows, please start now, especially Friday Night Lights.

I’m going to give honorable mention to Jericho and The Nine, the first of which has been given a full season and the latter which also has a script order.  I like both shows but there’s something about each that keeps them off my “must see” list.  For Jericho, I love the premise and the mysteries beneath the show but dislike Skeet in the lead and the “crisis of the week that only Skeet can fix” is wearing thin.  The Nine is kind of the opposite.  It has an excellent cast but the premise and mysteries don’t seem like enough to sustain an entire season let alone a long running show. 

Now the Bad which I’m going to split into 2 categories, shows that I hoped would be good and aren’t living up to my expectations and shows that were good but got cancelled early.

For shows I hoped for better from, there is no better example than Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip which I picked as my best of the year after seeing the pilot.  It turns out that it’s all been downhill from there.  Check some of my other posts to see why this is my biggest disappointment of the year.  I’m still watching but this one is on life support with me.  I also hoped Vanished and Six Degrees would have been better shows than they turned out to be.  I’m still giving Vanished another chance after the World Series but Six Degrees got dropped long ago. 

As for shows that I liked but got cancelled before getting a real chance to succeed, Smith and Kidnapped were both in my Good list.  Smith got unjustly cancelled after 3 airings (check out this posting for comments from lots of angry viewers) and Kidnapped got sent to Saturday night to finish off its 13 episode run.  Thinking about it a bit more, I’m going to move Kidnapped to the Good category and look at the show as a mini-series since it will actually have an ending and it’s a great show.  Pick it up on DVD next year, you won’t be sorry.

Now for the Really Bad.  In this category is Ugly Betty and The Class.  Ugly Betty lasted 1 episode with me and I have no idea what the critics who love this show saw in it that I didn’t.  The Class lasted two episodes but I knew after the first that it was off my list.  Neither of these shows have anything redeeming about them.  Check out some of my earlier posts on these shows to see what I disliked. 

So where does this leave me 6 weeks into the new season – with 3 shows that I love, 3 I like a lot, a couple I hope will get better before December and some that were either awful from the get go or just didn’t appeal to me at all. 

All in all a season that started with lots of promise but turned out to be the same as all the others.  Bring on the mid-season replacements.

Capsule TV Reviews: ER, Gilmore Girls, Six Degrees

October 10, 2006

ER – Season 13, Episode 3

I surprised even myself with the positive review I gave ER for the first 2 episodes a few weeks ago. This is a show that without a doubt has been past its prime for many years already. Although I enjoyed those first episodes I was definitely reluctant to say that the show was having a resurgence. After the third episode, I am almost ready to go out on a limb and say that this show is once again Must See Viewing. John Mahoney should already be pulling out his tux for the Emmy nod he surely deserves for his role as a gay, female impersonator whose lover is dying.  Besides being a showcase for Mahoney’s considerable acting skills, it also gave us an introduction to John Stamos’s new medical intern character whose know-it-all and laissez faire attitude immediately brings him into conflict with Pratt and has disasterous consequences for his patient.  I ended the episode already looking forward to next week.  What more could you want from a show that is more than 13 years old.

Avi’s Episode Rating: A-

Gilmore Girls – Season 6, Episode 2

This was the episode.

To be frank, I was coming close to giving up on this show.  Last season there wasn’t much to like about any of the characters or the stories they were immersed in and the actors just looked bored.  After a first episode that started to clean up the mess that was left at the end of last season, I was still on the fence.  It was good but seemed like it was trying a bit too hard.  Last week, however, had everything that makes this show great.  The dialogue was dead on for the characters and for the first time in a long time the actors actually looked like they enjoyed saying it.  From the opening scene of Luke punching out Christopher to his continuing declarations about how “fine” he is to his heartwrenching scenes with Lorelai where he states out loud his realization that they were never right for each other, I actually cared about Luke for the first time since they got engaged.  The scene with Rory and Lorelai where Rory finds out why the wedding got called off was so well played by both actors that it made the reconciliation at the end of the episode appropriate and real at the same time.  It wasn’t all serious.  Kirk opening up a diner across from Luke’s and Lane’s honeymoon adventure gave the episode the tonal balance it needed.  I hope this season continues to build on this fantastic episode.

Avi’s episode rating: A

Six Degrees – Episodes 2 & 3

This show has 1 more week with me and then it’s being dropped.  I wrote in my review of the first episode about my belief that people do cross paths with each other in ways that don’t become significant until a much later date.  This show, however, is not really about that, despite its title.   Instead it’s a show that is trying too hard to create overlaps that are more like 2 degrees of separation than six degrees.  The result is storylines that are contrived and unsubtle in how they intersect.  I look forward to seeing these generally talented actors, Campbell Scott in particular is excellent, in far better material in the future.  As I read over what I just wrote, I’m not even sure it’s going to get even another viewing.  Keep an eye out on the sidebar.  This should be on my dropped show list by next Friday.

Avi’s episodes rating: C

Six Degrees – Season 1, Episode 1

September 25, 2006

The premise of this new drama from TV god JJ Abrams is the interconnectedness of strangers. The show has a pretty large cast including a core group and a bunch of secondary characters (including one of my favourites, Omar from the Wire).

When I first mentioned this show in my fall preview review (and unlike some of the critics of this show) I discussed how I believe in the premise that people who are casual secondary characters in your life or strangers who you walk by may become significant at a later point in your life. This most recently happened to me when my sister-in-law Cara got married to someone who was in my cabin at camp for one summer about 25 years ago. When she started dating him and first mentioned his name I knew it sounded familiar and funny enough I was able to pull out a picture of the 2 of us from when we were 10. This would be much less weird if we were all in the same cities and it just happened that our circles converged but that isn’t what happened. I’m from Toronto, my sister-in-law is in New York and her now husband Alec used to be in Pittsburgh and now lives in New York.

My point is that I can buy in to the central premise and I kind of think it’s neat how peripheral characters appear in the background of other characters in ways that reveal key pieces of information of their stories. I also really like how New York is a central character in the story and find that seeing the show in HD and widescreen adds a dimension to the show.

My complaint though is at this time I’m not really that engaged in the storylines of the main characters. I don’t real care what is in Erika Christensen’s box and why she’s in hiding. She’s cute so I can at least see what Jay Hernandez sees in her and I like Hope Davis’s widow. The rest I’m not sure about yet. I’m giving it another few weeks though. My hope is that they keep expanding beyond the core cast to prove the six degrees theory. At this time it seems more like coincidence in a contrived story.

Avi’s episode grade: B-