How Excited Am I for Angel Season 6?

September 21, 2007

If you haven’t heard yet, hot on the heels of the not only successful but also truly exciting Buffy Season 8 comic book comes the continuation of Joss Whedon’s other big creation. In November, IDW will release Angel: After the Fall which continues the story following the classic conclusion where Angel and the team prepare to “slay the dragon” and includes all your favourite Angel characters. Here’s the cover of the first issue:


Also, if you haven’t been reading Buffy: Season 8 and you’re a fan then you will soon have a chance to catch up. The graphic novel compilation of the first story arc will be released in October.  It perfectly captures the characters and effectively builds on the mythology of the show by finally answering the question of what happened after the Hellmouth was destroyed.  Check both out.