Without a Trace – Season 5, Episode 1

September 29, 2006

I had to look up what season this show was in and can’t believe it’s already been 5 seasons.  This is the only procedural on CBS (home of the procedural) that I watch.  I think I was finally able to put my finger on why I watch this show but no others.   CSI and the like are really just Murder She Wrote epsiodes with science.  You don’t get too deep into the characters but with the mysteries they solve there is a general level of detachment also.  Besides having many more character moments than the average CBS procedural, Without a Trace has a hook that by investigating the disappearance of individuals it also gets into the lives of the individuals so that you actually care if they are found or not.

This brings me the season premiere which I finally got around to watching yesterday.  My big mistake was watching it before I went to bed.  The story was about a boy who went to the FBI after his father had kidnapped another boy.  As the story develops, there is the revelation that the first boy was kidnapped as well 7 years earlier and that there have been others.  The team ends up working on all 4 aspects of the case: finding where the father is, identifying and finding the missing boy, identifying the son so he can be reunited with his family and identifying the body they found.

I will say that there was generally a happy ending but I shouldn’t have watched it before I went to sleep.  As a father of two, I can’t think of many worse things that could happen and it reflected in my nightmares after I saw the show.

Avi’s Episode Grade: A