American Idol – Feb 27 – Top 10 Guys Perform

February 28, 2007

Last week the top 12 guy performance show was just terrible.  Like many I can’t believe that with tens of thousands of people auditioning that’s the best they could find.  Here’s my thoughts on the top 10 performances tonight:

Phil – As someone who has fond memories of that song from high school dances of yore (as opposed to something I appreciated for my listening enjoyment), this was horrible.  I do agree that he has an interesting tone to his voice compared to the typical AI singer but it’s a bad version of Chris Daughtry from last year.  I’m with Simon with this one.  Still, they’re making it sound like voting against him would be unamerican so I guess he’ll continue but that’s not good for the show.

Jared –  Much better than last week.  It doesn’t hurt that I like the song and he didn’t butcher it.  Still, he’s no Marvin Gaye (to be expected) and I don’t think he’s got a shot long term.  As an aside, all you kids at home, The Love Boat was a show about a cruise ship.  Just kidding – sort of.  I doubt the majority of AI’s core fan base have ever seen or heard of The Love Boat.

AJ – Now to me that was pure cheese.  The same hand and dance moves as all AI contestants before and likely after.  I liked his voice less than last week.  It seemed pitchy to me.  To be fair though he’s not my style of singer.  Not sure how Simon could call this different.

Sanjaya – I can’t believe this guy is still her after last week.  He wasn’t as bad this week vocally but he sure was equally boring.  The 2 minute song felt like it went on forever.  To give him the benefit of the doubt he’s just too young to be here.  I agree with Randy – bad high school talent show.

Chris S – Before I say anything about his singing – cute wife.  Very different song choice from last week but I liked it.  He’s got a great voice and he’s showing a broader ability.  I look forward to watching him for the next bunch of weeks.

Nick – Every time I hear this version of Fever all I can think of is the Muppets episode with Animal on the drums and Rita Moreno singing.  If you haven’t seen it check it out on the Muppet Show first season DVD set.  It’s one of the funniest things I’ve ever seen.  That aside Nick was okay.  Not enough to pull me in long term.

Blake – Great voice and a fun performance.  Very different performance from last week and I’m afraid to say it but I agree with Paula.  He’s got something unique.  Simon’s smoking something on this one.

Brandon – Didn’t work for me.  I thought his voice was kind of mediocre this week.  It sounded off and I guess I just didn’t feel the heart coming through.  The googly eyes at the camera that I mentioned last week bothered me again even though I love grandmas too.

Chris R – Twitching aside, I liked his performance and song choice.  Lots of fun.  Great voice.  A definite front runner and the best of the night.

Sundance – Good song choice for him especially this Committments version.  I liked it and as I said last week he’s not a typical AI singer in a good way.  Great singing and great performance.

My picks for the bottom 2: Sanjaya and AJ.  Of course, I went 25% last week so I’m probably not the best judge of what America’s going to choose.

Veronica Mars – Season 3, Episode 15 – Papa’s Cabin

February 28, 2007

Well that’s it.  The last episode of the last mystery arc of the season.

Loved how Keith dove right in to the sheriff job.  It will be interesting to see if he keeps the job beyond an interim capacity.

Even more fun was seeing our favourite suck-up TA suck up to our favourite detective.  It was good to see him realize that while he may be fully up to speed on the academic in’s and out’s of detective work he sure doesn’t have any thing close to the field experience of Veronica.  Silly TA asking Veronica questions like “Is there a way?”  Must be a linear thinker. As we found out, he’s sure no match for her.

I’ve got to say.  The episode did keep me guessing until the end.  As I wavered back and forth between the wife and Landry to both, I have to give my wife credit.  She continued to maintain that it was the TA even when it seemed like it was for sure Landry.  So much for my planning to mock her.  I guess she can comment below and mock me.

Overall a good episode heavy on resolution with just a smidgen of good teen angst.

Unfortunately that’s it as VM goes off the air for the next 6 weeks of Pussycat Dolls something, something, don’t care.  When it comes back the show is not going to be the Veronica Mars I’ve loved for 2 1/2 years as it completes its third season run with individual self-contained episodes instead of good meaty multi-episode mystery arcs.  I’m still going to watch and I’ll do my best not to prejudge until I see them but I’m prepared to be disappointed and even more hope it’s not a harbinger of things to come presuming it’s renewed for Season 4.

Avi’s Episode Rating: A-

Heroes – Episode 17 – Company Man

February 26, 2007

I don’t want to write too much about this episode since it hasn’t aired for most of you.  For those of us fortunate enough to be in Canada and who couldn’t give a crap about the Oscars, this aired tonight.  Let me just say that if you are a Heroes fan, you do not want to miss this episode.  Not only do you get to find out lots of answers but it’s a hell of an exciting hour also. 

Stop reading now if you want to know nothing about what happens. 

OK you were warned.

Here are some of the questions we get answered:

  • What is HRG’s job? 
  • Who was HRG’s partner before the Haitian?
  • Who gave HRG Claire?
  • Why does HRG keep mindwiping heroes?
  • Who does HRG report to?
  • Is HRG really trying to protect Claire?
  • Who is HRG’s new partner going to be?
  • Is HRG responsible for giving heroes their powers?

I think that’s enough to whet your appetite.  Don’t forget to watch, you really won’t be sorry!!!

Avi’s Episode Rating: A+

American Idol – Top 24 results

February 25, 2007

I don’t have much to say. I never watch the results shows. They are just big inflated time wasters for something that can take 3 minutes or less. So why am I writing about it. To look at how I did on my predictions.

From the girls I thought Antonella and Alaina would go home and from the boys Sanjaya and Paul.

I got 1 of 4 as Paul Kim, Rudy, Amy Krebs and Nicole got the boot.

I don’t expect to do that much better as time goes on as my taste isn’t likely to align with those who vote.  Still, feel free to come back each Friday morning and laugh at how poorly I did on my predictions.

Six Degrees Back on the Air

February 25, 2007

I guess I was wrong.  When ABC took Six Degrees off the air back on November I was sure it would never return.  I know ABC said it was only on hiatus but so often that’s code for “cancelled but we don’t want to tell you yet”.  Yet, starting March 23rd (yes, that’s a Friday) Six Degrees is going to be back on the air.

Personally I wasn’t such a huge fan.  I liked the cast but found the stories kind of boring and the premise way more about coincidence than fate and connectedness.  I dropped the show after about 3 episodes.
Still don’t get too excited Six Degrees fans.  This doesn’t mean it’s going to run any longer than the additional 7 episodes left in its 13 episode order but still, enjoy it while you have it.

The Office – Season 3, Episode 17 – Cocktails

February 23, 2007

The Office has really pulled out all the stops for this sweeps period. First the amazing Joss Whedon directs last week’s vampire themed episode and tonight we get the Lost Mr. JJ Abrams himself who did a fine job especially with the Dwight  the home inspector scenes. So here’s what I learned from this week’s The Office.

  • Magic Camp is not just for kids. It’s for anyone who has a dream and some free time after school.
  • CFO is not someone’s initials.
  • Nothing says I love you more than a framed legal contract signed with a heart over the “i”.
  • If you don’t watch Battlestar Galactica, you’re an idiot.  (I kind of knew that before but it’s good to hear someone else say it)
  • A merger can be called successful even if everyone quits, is fired or ends up in anger management.
  • Splenda + 20 year old scotch would make Lee Iacocca proud.
  • Honesty may not always be the best policy – in a bar.
  • There’s nowhere to cuddle in a bathroom.
  • My wife and I need to have more ketchup fights.

Overall a good episode.  Just the right amount of discomfort in the Michael scenes, some great moments looking at Jim and Karen’s relationship and some advancement of the Pam-Jim storyline.  Looking forward to seeing how Roy goes after Jim next week.

Avi’s Episode Rating: A-

The OC – Season 4, Episode 16 – The End’s Not Near, It’s Here

February 23, 2007

Well that’s it.  The end of The OC.  No question the show’s run its course but I’m going to miss it.  I’m just glad that Josh Schwartz had the chance to wrap it all up and give us closure.  I admit I even teared up a little at the end.

So how are we leaving our OC friends?  Seth and Summer get married after a little break where Summer goes off to save the world like the Wonder Woman we know she is, the Cohens have a new family member and move to Berkeley with Sandy becoming a teacher, Julie’s pregnant and chooses herself over the 2 men who want her graduating from university with her family watching her and Ryan becomes an architect.  The final scene where he sees a kid who needs help was the perfect way to end the show.

Here’s a link to an interview with Mr. Schwartz where he looks back at his show.

So goodbye OC, I’m sure this isn’t the last we’re going to see of any of you but I’m definitely a little sad that it’s the last time we’ll see you all together.

Avi’s episode rating: A

Grey’s Anatomy – Season 3, Episode 17 – Some Kind of Miracle

February 23, 2007

Did that episode ever suck!  I mean seriously, did anyone actually think that Meridith was going to die.  I wasn’t even surprised that her mother died instead.  I sort of called it 2 weeks ago when I wrote that I hoped Meridth was going to die and that her mother would replace her in the voiceover so they didn’t have to change the name of the show.  Since that wasn’t realistic then the opposite was more likely.

The whole Meridith near death experience kind of bored me as it reeked with the same level of self indulgence and self centeredness as every one of her voiceovers or monologues.   Sure we got Denny and even better my favourite TV Coach and the girl from Dawson’s Creek/ Undeclared.  Still, borrrrrrring.

And what’s with Izzy.  I get that she’s protective of George but this is ridiculous.  She’s really turned into a bitch.  I think I’m going to start calling her Meridith 2.

That’s it.  Nothing else happened.  End of review.

Avi’s episode rating: C-

American Idol – Feb 21 – Top 12 Gals Perform

February 23, 2007

After a pretty crappy first round by the guys here’s how the ladies stacked up:

Stephanie – She was pretty awesome. Great show person and a hell of a voice. Better than almost all the guys the night before.

Amy – Amy has a pretty voice. She also looks good behind the mike. Kind of a cross between Jessica Biels and Ashley Williams. I think the judges were way too harsh on her. She might not be great yet but she’s definitely good enough to advance and have a chance to get better.

Leslie – Nice smoky, sexy sounding voice that will sound good across a variety of genres, more so than some who are stuck in a particular genre.

Sabrina – Wow! Now that’s power. It will be interesting to see her work outside a bluesy genre but I’m psyched to hear her some more. Best one on the show to this point.

Antonella – The first really bad singer of the night. Painful to listen to and her choice of song didn’t help. Is it me or is Simon becoming even more of an ass than before. It used to be I agreed with his critiques more often than not. It’s still true somewhat but let me try this one on you Simon. The good news is: You’re rich. The bad news is: You’re Still an Ass. I liked him better when he wasn’t personally attacking people and focused on critiquing.

Jordan – Ehh. Not so good for me. I was kind of bored and her voice was just mediocre.

Nicole – Neat, unique voice. Very unlike the typical American Idol singer. She will be great to hear for the rest of the competition. This is one of those times I fully disagree with the judges>

Haley – Speaking of typical Idol singers. Not a bad voice but another same old, same old.

Melinda – More power. Really great voice. Some cool stage presence. It will be interesting to hear if she can cross genres though.

Alaina – I saw the Pretenders open for The Who a few months ago and she is no Crissy Hynde. In fact I don’t even think she’s a Scarlett Johansen. One of the worst of the night.

Gina – Pretty decent voice but another typical Idol singer singing a typical Idol song trying to hit a typical Idol high note. Still better than most.

LaKisha – Ignore what I wrote before. That’s power. The best of the 2 nights.

Bottom line: It’s a shame they need to pick 6 guys, 6 gals because the women are way better than the men.

Here’s my picks for the ones going home: Antonella and Alaina.

American Idol – Feb 20 – Top 12 Guys Perform

February 21, 2007

I haven’t seen any episodes of this show yet this season. I find the auditions to be really painful to watch and when I tried to watch one of the episodes last week the show seemed all filler.

But here I am today to watch the first real performance episode of the season. I’m not sure I’m committed yet to watching this season but I’m willing to give the talent a try to impress me. It helps when I fast forward through most of the show and I can watch a 2 hour episode in less than 40 minutes. So on with my impressions of the new crop of singers.

Rudy – I hope this guy didn’t quit his day job. Good to hear a different tune in Free Ride but the facial impressions, dancing and “c’mon” hand signal and some generally bad singing doesn’t bode well for him. Makes me feel good that “I’m keepin’ it real” with Randy.

Brandon – Nice voice and some good stage presence. I guess I need to not be so harsh on the singers making googly eyes at the camera but it drives me crazy. Better than Rudy though and he’ll likely get through.

Sundance – Cool name. Even cooler song choice. He’s got a non-typical American Idol voice (much closer to what I would expect on Canadian Idol) and I liked his take on the Moody Blues despite what the judges said.

Paul – Definitely no George Michael (something I never thought I’d hear myself say). Voice just seemed off and kind of what I used to hear from bad bar mitzvah bands 2o-something years ago.

Chris R – I found his twitching kind of distracting but appreciated him doing a different version of a song that’s been done a few times before on this show. Voice seemed flawed in a few places but overall a pretty good performance and fun to listen to.

Nick – Another typical wussy Idol song but this is the kind of music the judges and fans seem to go for. That being said the singing was terrible and the performance boring. “Not good dawg”.

Blake – I liked this guy. Voice seemed off in a few places but pleasant to listen to and not annoying to watch. Good choice of song for his voice. Sounds Coldplayish.

Sanjaya – Ehhh. Nothing more to say.

Chris S – What a kick ass voice and by far the best performance so far. Different, unique and the first song I would listen to twice. Simon is out to lunch on this one. Not sure it was a good idea to argue but have to agree with him calling out Simon on his limited view of music. I was thinking the same thing.

Jared – Boring and a mediocre voice. I would have liked to see his performance in 3D where his finger would have come out of the TV as he sticks out his hand. Might have made it a little more interesting.

AJ – An okay voice but typical of what we see on this show year after year.

Phil – I can tell he has a voice with potential for some interesting performances but didn’t like the song choice. Missed his kid’s birth to audition. What an idiot. I’m sure he won’t regret that in the future.

Tough call who’s going to be booted because so many sucked but if I had to pick two: Sanjaya and Paul.

The two Chrises and Blake were my favourites.