Getting Closure on ABC’s Cancelled Traveler

September 29, 2007

How many times have us TV lovers been burned by shows that have been cancelled too soon? Particularly when it comes to serials where we start watching, get engrossed in the characters and stories but never find out what happens at the end of the story. This is not the situation with the summer’s great drama Traveler.

If you missed it, Traveler was a big sweeping conspiracy story where 2 former students are set up as terrorist bombers by a third who they thought was their best friend. The 2 friends go on the road and try and unravel the mystery and clear their name. In the show’s short 8 episode season, we got to see parts of the puzzle but it ended on a huge cliffhanger where one of the apparent masterminds was blown up. Unfortunately that’s all we’re ever going to see because the show got cancelled and we’re never getting a second season.

But finally we get a creator who gets that the fans need to know what was going to happen. David DiGilio posted to TV Guide’s Traveler blog pretty much his whole bible for the show answering questions like: What is the Fourth Branch and Who is Will Traveler. Definitely worth checking out if you were a fan of the shortlived series and want to know not only what would have transpired in the second season but also what ultimately would have happened to the characters and the endgame of the series.

Mr. DiGillio, I promise to reward your true commitment to your fans by watching your next series. Thanks for “getting it”.