Big Shots – Season 1 – Pilot

October 3, 2007

I wanted to like this show. It’s has a rock star cast like Oceans 11 for TV with Jeremy (he was much better on Sports Night than West Wing), Titus, Bobby Donnell and Vaughn all in one show. Unfortunately it’s much closer to Oceans 12 in its execution.

The premise is pretty simple – 4 CEO friends of different companies talk about their careers, love lives and indiscretions. One is a ladies (and not so laides) man , one is henpecked, one is having an affair and one’s wife was having an affair with his boss. With so much story packed in you would think the show would be interesting but it really, really, really isn’t. The show is trying to be Sex in the City for guys. It has frank banter and treads the line between drama and comedy. My problem is that most guys don’t talk like that. It didn’t seem real to me.
I’m going to give it one more chance but given my backlog of TV to watch, this one will likely get dropped quickly.

Avi’s Episode Rating: C