Las Vegas – Season 4 Season Finale

March 12, 2007

I’ve never written about Las Vegas.  It’s one of those shows I don’t regularly watch but the odd time, when the mood strikes me, I do indulge and usually walk away entertained.  Now admittedly I have relatively low expectations for this show that is pretty much all fluff but I do have an amazing appreciation for a show that knows exactly what it is trying to be and embraces it as fully as Las Vegas does. 

I have to go on record with a guilty secret of mine (at least from my TV blog audience) that for many, many, many years I watched All My Children.  I kind of started watching in the womb with my mother during the first year of the show and for most of my childhood and beyond (~20+ years in total) , grew up watching the people of Pine Valley.  I finally went cold turkey and gave up the show about 8-9 years ago when I just couldn’t keep up with a daily show in addition to all the other programs I liked to watch (not to mention a full time job with extensive travel). 

Why is this relevant when writing about Las Vegas – because Josh Duhamel, Danny from the show used to be on All My Children and I remember seeing him on his first episode and saying to my mother that he was going to be a star.  Something about him stood out and ever since I’ve sort of been predisposed to liking him.

Which brings me to this last episode of the show, the season finale.  It had all the silly, ridiculous moments that make up the show played simultaneously serious and with a wink to the audience – Sam inheriting the Monticito and getting locked in a box by a psycho rich client, Delinda pregnant and possibly getting blown up by a crazy army buddy of Danny’s, Ed with a choice between his wife and his job, Mary shooting her father (or did she?) with Ed and Danny right behind her.  Basically lots and lots of soap opera fun. 

Knowing that James Caan and Nikki Cox aren’t coming back take some of the suspense out of what might happen but all in all, a very entertaining episode of a very entertaining show that basically I won’t remember or think about again until next September. 

Avi’s Episode Rating: B+