Can CBS Do No Wrong With Viewers or How in the World Could Rules of Engagement have higher ratings than Heroes and 24

February 12, 2007

I know.  I know.  I should know better than to read ratings and react to them.  But come on people.  Let me take a deep breath.  OK, much better.

So on the weekend I finally got around to watching the first episode of Rules of Engagement which aired on CBS last Monday night at 9:30.  Wow was that show crap.  Not quite as bad as In Case of Emergency but definitely on par with the horror that was Big Day.  If you haven’t seen it I’ll tell you what it’s about just so you can file it away in the back of your head the next time it’s on and change the channel. 

Married couple lives in the same building as newly engaged couple who has a friend that’s single (played by David Spade).  The group of 5 play off each other with their different perspectives on relationships.  It’s supposed to be a comedy.  At least that’s what the laugh track indicates.  I don’t mind the actors generally but I think they could be better used on a good show. 

So why am I getting worked up.  I’ve ranted about this before but as viewers we get the TV we deserve.  This piece of lousy TV got better ratings than Heroes and 24.  Now I’m not saying either of these shows are perfect either, I’ve gone on record many times with my complaints about 24.  Still, even the stupidest episode of 24 with cougars, lions and tigers is better than another dumb sitcom. 

It also does better than NBC’s amazing Thursday night comedy line up – the best 2 hour sitcom block that I remember. 

CBS continues to cement its reputation as the network that plays it safe.  If it’s not another procedural, it’s a typical sitcom.  And the viewers keep on coming to let CBS know that this is what they want from their viewing experience. 

As all business people know, you can’t argue with good results.   Still, I’m going to vote with my feet and change the channel.